Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Church is in Good Hands!

Today, on our way back from the Nepal-Tibet border, we passed many beautiful sights. There were two things we saw, however, which weren't so awe-inspiring. We drove not far from the world's largest statue of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. Hindus had lined up down the steps in order to pray at the statue. As we arrived in the Kathmandu area, we drove around a large band of anti-Christian Hindu nationalists. Both of these sad sights acted as a strong reminder of the situation that Christians in Nepal find themselves in. On the surface, the situation seems dire and depressing.
During our mission trip in Nepal, I have also come to realize two things. And these two thoughts are much more encouraging, I think, than the depressing sights which I saw today.   
The first thing to realize is this: The same God who has blessed the CLC and its work in America is blessing and will continue to bless the HCLCN and its work in Nepal. Think about all of the blessings that God has provided not only for you, but also for your local church and the CLC in general. In the past 50+ years, the Lord has continuously blessed and sustained our little church body. In the same ways, the Lord has blessed the HCLCN in the past 5+ years.
We often have a hard time looking past our own cares and concerns to others in our own community, much less around the world. The Lord, however, in His omniscience, knows the needs of all of His children. The same powerful right hand that has provided for, blessed, and sustained us in the CLC is, at the same time, providing for, blessing, and sustaining those in the HCLCN.
The second thing to realize is this: The church here in Nepal couldn't be in better, more dedicated hands. JB, Raju, Rajan, and the various others who have dedicated their lives to the church here in Nepal have been an inspiration to us all. They donate their time, their energy, their money, and at times their safety in the name of the Gospel. Few could claim to have sacrificed as much for their faith as these Brothers in Christ have.
It is an uphill battle for the Church here in Nepal, but the Church is in competent hands. First of all, it is in the almighty hands of the Creator and Savior of the whole world. No amount of political opposition could overcome God's perfect Will. Second of all, God has sent the willing and tireless hands of his servants to lead the church here in Nepal. Through these people's efforts with the Gospel, the Holy Spirit will plant faith in the thousands of elect here in Nepal.
We should all thank the Lord for so richly blessing our Brethren here in Nepal! The church is in good hands!

In Christ,

Sam Rodebaugh

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