Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Greetings from Rasuwaa in northern Nepal!

Tom here. We are sitting in a local restaurant ordering our dinner for the evening. The Brothers Bhitrakoti (Raju and Rajon) are taking our order as no one else in the place can understand a word we say. We arrived in the town at around 7pm after a beautiful 3-5ish hour drive on the pleasantly porous Nepali highway. Lord willing, tomorrow we will split into three groups of three and venture into three different treks to preach in three different churches. The harvest truly is plentiful!

The hikes have been undescribable! The beauty and scenery has eclipsed my wildest expectations. The pastors are faithful and eager to have us. The people are excited to see us and receive the means of grace which we are blessed to bring to them.

The Brothers Bhitrakoti are truly warriors of the gospel. The dedication and effort which they put into planning and executing our mission trip is truly unparalleled. They have been faithfully leading us around the country since we've arrived and never let us out of their sight. They are our guides, our bodyguards, and our friends. They are an incredible blessing to the CLC and the gospel.

I'm keeping this one short. I hope to see you all soon! Thank you for the prayers! Keep 'em coming!

All things are in His hands and in His control.

Psalm 94:18 "When I said my foot is slipping; your love O Lord supported me."

Father, support us!

God is good.

-Tom Naumann

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