Saturday, July 12, 2014


Namaste from Nepal!  Alyssa here.  Right now the one word that sums of what this trip has been like for me is "overwhelmed."  Coming here I wasn't sure what to expect, but I must have expected something, because nothing here is like what I expected!  We had good flights here--we got really good Turkish foods, but my favorite was the Turkish delight!
We arrived in Kathmandu before 7am Tuesday morning.  Raju and Rajan were outside the airport and greeted us with these gorgeous white scarves.  We stayed in Kathmandu at a hotel called "The Norwegian House."  The second day we piled onto a truck.  Literally.  There were about 40 people crammed on this truck.  Definitely a 2 hour Nepali experience that I will never forget.  The next day we crammed onto another smaller truck, but it was just us.  Rajan hung off the back the whole way.  The roads here are super bumpy, and traffic is more than bustling.  It is so much to take in!  Perhaps the strangest thing is that here cars drive on the left side of the road!
So far my team has been able to teach 3 different churches.  Each church has had similarities but also many differences than the others.  One didn't even have complete walls, but we fit about 100 people in there.  One thing I love about these churches is all the singing!  Though it's hard to pick up the language, it is easy to pick up the beat and sign language.  I love that we clap in church!  After teaching the first time, there were a couple boys who picked up my camera and just started taking pictures.  Today a bunch of girls just wanted me to take their picture again and again!  I love them all!
Though we have reached a great deal of people so far, we see many more on the streets while walking and driving, and I wonder how many of them are Christian.  Please pray for our efforts and that the Word will continue to spread even after we are gone.  God has and will work wonders!

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