Thursday, July 17, 2014

From Ashley...So much to blog

Hello America!

I hope this blog finds that everyone is doing well! Here in Nepal I am unceasingly amazed. 

The glory of God which always shines seems even  brighter being constantly surrounded by his saving word and by my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been filled with continuous encouragement from the mission helper devotions at night, the singing of hymns, and the music from the children. Studying the word of God while here is so necessary as I am reminded of how unworthy and blessed I am to be here enjoying God's creation and sharing his gospel.

So far we have seen and done so many things worth blogging but I just want to hit on a couple.

Thus far the teaching teams have been rearranged  many times because of varying circumstances. For me this meant an extra challenge, starting with a 6 hour hike up to a village on a "hill". I cannot take the credit alone for making it up to Hattibang as it was the hardest hike I have ever done or could imagine doing. My second wind came from God's desire for his gospel to be preached and the motivation this gave me! Many rewards came as a result! Imagine being in a cloud in the edge of a cliff, walking past waterfalls in the rain, through cornfields and arriving in a village full of fellow Christian children and adults, now that's a cool feeling.

We shared our gospel message in this village and shared in fellowship with the villagers. This brings me to the second thing that has really impacted me: trust. The quick relationships that can be formed with these people that we can not communicate with is such a neat thing to be a part of. There is a commonality between them and us no matter how different we are, namely the grace of God we have been blessed with.  Because of this I feel comfortable around people I have never met, I even got to sleep in the Pastor's home with 4 other women and some children and feel totally at ease not to mention it was so fun....what a blessing for our christian family!

If you can believe it this only covers about half a day, but this is getting lengthy!

Thanks for all of the prayers and continue to pray for Nepal that the gospel will spread throughout!

In Christ,

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