Monday, July 21, 2014

From Alyssa

Only 1 more day?!

Hello again! It's crazy that we only have 1 more day in Nepal.  I'm having mixed emotions.  I'm really excited to go home, but there is SO much more we could do here.  Though it's hard to adjust to the culture here, when we're teaching it just feels right, like we're meant to be here.  I'm going to miss it!

Here are some of this week's experiences:
Todd, Neal, Erica, and I went to teach at a church.  When the people saw us walking towards the church, they started chanting and cheering and clapping!  They gave us all these beautiful flower necklaces.  There were so many kids--I think we fit about 100 of them in the tiny building.  It was definitely one of the louder groups, so we cut it short and handed out the gifts.  The pastor's family gave each of us a fan.  I still haven't opened mine--it's too pretty with the wrapping and ribbon!  They said it would remind us off their church (because it was SO hot) and so we would remember to pray for them.  So please remember to pray for them, that they can reach all the people.

A couple days later, Kate, Rob, and I got the opportunity to teach at a Hindi school.  There were only a couple of Christians there.  What an exciting experience to teach children about Jesus, especially because they had probably never heard of Him!  I pray that school may continue to learn about God's Word.

This morning was the last time we taught.  We taught over 60 kids.  They were very attentive.  Raju told us that most of them knew a lot of English, so I guess they heard everything twice! :)
OK this is random.  One thing I have learned in Nepal is how to pack people into cars.  Once we fit at least 40 people in the back of a truck for a very bumpy 2 hour drive.  Then we fit 10 of us in the back of a 6-seater pickup bed.  Today 5 of us girls went shopping.  We had one in the front with the driver, and 4 in the very small back seat.  No problem for us! :)

See you soon, and pray for our safe return.


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