Monday, July 14, 2014

From Nepal

July 14th
Wow what an experience!  God has blessed us with this opportunity to spread his Gospel in a country predominantly none Christian.  It is so good to see and spend time with the Christians that are here.  They are very happy to see us and hear about the bible.  It is such a pleasure to tell them about the bible and how Jesus has come to us to die for all our sins so that we can live with him in paradise.  While living conditions and way of life are very different here many things are the same. We all need to work to provide for our family, we all enjoy the beauty of nature and what God has provided for us.  We all have physical and emotional needs.  In the USA we don't really know/appreciate the blessings we have.  All undeserved.  While I can't speak the language it is easy to know the joy the Christians have as they sing in church.  Yesterday we sang in the van with the same joy.

July 5th 
Erica and I have left home to begin our mission trip to Nepal early this warm Saturday afternoon July 5th.  As we begin this journey we want to thank all those who have encouraged and prayed for us as we prepared for this trip.  We have prepared physically and mentally for the past 6 months since we submitted or application to the Mission Helper Program.  With God's blessings we are ready and on our way.  Driving to Chicago from Aberdeen SD.  Staying tonight with my brother Wes and his wife Jeanne.   Then off to pick-up a couple of our fellow mission helpers on our way.  Tomorrow we fly to Istanbul Turkey then to Kathmandu Nepal.  This is my first oversea trip unless you count the Caribbean.  Erica has traveled to Europe and to Jamacia.  This will be the 10 the country she has visited.

With our teaching team we will have the privilege of teaching the truths of the bible from the beginning of time to the promised return of Jesus.  May God bless you as he has us.  Neal and Erica

Neal Wietgrefe

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